Queen City Tune Up 2013

While Nemo raged in Massachusetts the 2013 Emen hit the fields in sunny Charlotte, North Carolina for our first tournament of the season. Donning extra exclusive jerseys created by none other than Josh Adler (A13) we stepped up to the plate in our first game against Appalachian State. Although we took a solid lead at half we gave up a couple of breaks in a lapse late in the game and ended up winning on cap 12-8. A similar situation would occur in our second game of the day when we again took a capped win this time against Georgia Southern. After a lunch break we stormed through Cincinnati, finally playing a full game before facing the 2 seed in our pool Michigan State. We once again came out strong but frustratingly failed to shut the door, allowing MSU to battle back to a 10-10 tie. We scored to go up as the soft cap sounded and then ran scored the winning break on a high release backhand from Will Wong to Rickshaw. 4-0 on the day. Sunday morning pitted us against our rivals from down the road and emotions ran high on both sides. In an up and down game we struggled early, loosing the disc on a miscue and going down 1-0 on a break. By half we righted the ship to 8-6 on a couple of break of our own. Our inability to put two solid halves together came back to bite us as Harvard capitalized on our mistakes and won 11-8. In consolation play we started off with a 15-2 drubbing of Uconn and finished it off with a solid 15-9 victory over Georgia. Our play on Sunday showed promise as we were able to complete games in a way we hadn't earlier in the weekend.