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The Tufts E-Men are a highly competitive college ultimate frisbee club founded in 1972. In addition to reaching the collegiate regional semi-finals and finals time and time again over that period, Tufts qualified for and played in the first ever Ultimate Frisbee College Nationals, in 1984. This inaugural tournament was held, organized, and run by Tufts.

As a perennial power in the New England region, we have enjoyed success at both the regional and national level. We compete in the open division of USA Ultimate’s college sector. Despite our school’s size we compete alongside traditionally Division 1 schools and we are proud to represent Tufts University on this elevated stage.

The students that make up our program come from diverse backgrounds and represent many different aspects of the Tufts community. We dedicate ourselves to both the competitive spirit and the dignified respect of the sport of ultimate frisbee. Off the field we hope to model the hard work, diplomacy and passion that Tufts Ultimate breeds.

Pax et Frisbus.


Donations to our program are essential to helping us put together a successful season year in and year out - we appreciate each dollar, kind word, and hour of time that our community contributes. The Tufts Ultimate community is constantly driving us forward and it’s an honor to represent on the field.

If you would like to make a financial contribution, here are the steps:

Online Donations:

  1. Please visit www.gotuftsjumbos.com/givenow3

  2. In the "Athletics - select from sub-menu” dropdown box, select: "Other". Chose from the following two options.

    1. A direct contribution to our current operating budget - available immediately, helpful in the short term. In the “Other” dropdown box, type “Club Ultimate Frisbee - Men” OR “Club Ultimate Frisbee - Women” to make a current use annual fund gift to either program.

    2. A contribution to the Tufts Ultimate Endowment - paid out as a percentage over time, an investment in the longevity of the program. In the “Other” dropdown box, type “Tufts Ultimate Frisbee Team Support Fund” to make a gift to the operating endowment.

  3. Complete all gift, biographical, and payment Information.

By Check:

Send a check made out to “Trustees of Tufts College” with “Club Ultimate Frisbee - Men”, “Club Ultimate Frisbee - Women”, or “Tufts Ultimate Frisbee Team Support Fund” in the memo line to Mark Adzagian’s attention at the address below.

Mark Adzigian
Associate Director of Development for Athletics
80 George Street, Suite 300-2
Medford, MA 02155