HOMETOWN: Somerville, MA

PAST TEAMS: Somerville Villen

Nickname: Somerville Youth


Sam “Somerville Youth” Saron was born and raised in the hood of Somerville, Massachusetts. The hood of Somerville was no easy place to live. The terrain was almost uninhabitable, covered by ragged rock filled fields, extremely steep hills, and infested with feral squirrels. On top of its extreme environment, the oppressive upper, upper middle class surrounding the hood constantly bullied young hoodlums like Sam. Only the strongest and smartest survived. From childhood, Sam fought tooth and nail against the other youths of Somerville to earn his bread. He was ELITE, beating out all the other children in both battles of brain and brawn.

Heading into adolescence, Sam clawed his way into his first gang, Somerville VILLEN. As indicated by the name, only the most fierce, wicked, and hardened Somerville youth gained entry to this infamous club. There, he first learned about the game of Ultimate, a chippy self refereed sport with exploitable rules and lots of “incidental” contact. In order to avoid the cops, gangs used this sport as a medium to fight. Sam’s out-of-this-world explosive athleticism propelled him to the top of the game, literally. He was invincible in the air. In fact, it was storied that he single handedly ended entire gangs by ruthlessly skying every enemy member in the endzone and staring them down to the pits of hell. Sam’s fame and reputation spread all across the town of Somerville, and was called by many as “THE Somerville Youth”.

After achieving all VILLEN had to offer, Sam left and went off in search of an even stronger gang. Despite suffering multiple knee and ankle injuries from his many battles, he still managed to win the favor of the most notorious gang in Medford, the “E-Men”. However, early in his E-Men career, he suffered a nasty shoulder injury, halting his reign of terror in the skies… for now.

Outside of gang fights, Sam is a cultured man. He spends much of his free time listening to rap music, and creating his own rap. Look for his newest album “SOMERVILLE.” to drop soon and check out his banger single “YOUTH.” now!

Benjamin, or “Benji” as he is affectionately known, became infamous amongst his friends for what they thought were obscenely large pectorals (but which are in fact Kronklordian subdermal military-grade detachable mines). Benji discovered the mighty frisbee, which reminded him of the shape of the earth he saw when he crash landed here as a baby, and even returned to his birthplace of South America over his gap year. Today, Benji (aka Pedro (aka Kronk)) can be found in the gymnasium performing mighty feats of abdominal strength or swimming ability, which would have made his birth parents, Kronk Sr. and Kronkelda, proud.