Ryan Megathlin

Nickname: Deceitful Ryan

year: Freshman

Hometown: Cumberland Center, ME

Past teams: Rising Tide, Neap Tide

Ryan “Takes One for the Team” Megathlin was born at LL Bean headquarters somewhere in Maine. He weighed approximately one duck boot.

One day, after a moose hunt was unsuccessful, our brave warrior ate some spoiled lobster and was infected with a love for ultimate.

Growing up in the great outdoors, yung Ryan searched everywhere for those who shared his new addiction. He was known to roam the streets of Cumberland at night, looking for ultimate players while blasting Dropkick Murphy’s “State of Massachusetts.” However, as the curfew time of nine PM approached, he turned his music off and promptly returned home.

Although he was unable to find fellow all-stars in his home state, his search eventually led him to the Tufts University Class of 2021 Facebook Page. He bravely declared for all to see:

“I’ve been to YCCs the past four years and have heard every “that’s not a sport” comment by now so I’m used to it.”

The E-Men would like to officially thank Ryan for defending the plastic that we hold so dear.

Upon joining the E-Men, Ryan has placed himself in Rookie of The Year™ contention with the following statistics:
Introducing the team to Lily Russell
Accepting 1 nickname (“Treacherous Ryan”) with no basis in fact
2 solo Fortnite victories
3+ party yaks
69000000 passbacks

In summary, Ryan is a good boy who always puts the team first. He smart he loyal.