Russell Ruffolo

year: Sophomore

Hometown: Wexford, PA

Past teams: Bmen, Pittsburgh Impulse, North Allegheny nauf

This is Russ. He’s pretty great! If you ask him about his Smite league you’ll have a friend for life, but don’t call a foul when he travels or he’ll never speak to you again (except to teach you the damn rules of Ultimate). Russell literally hit the Tufts frisbee scene hard, falling to the unforgiving ground of Fletcher Field after making an fat chest high bid for a disc that already sailed far out of reach. However his clear knowledge of the game and the sight of his Junior Worlds tryout pinny caused the Emen to quickly accept him as one of their own. Russell’s tenure with the TEAM was short lived however as a few months later he dropped to the Bmen, explaining that they were “more chill” and “would let him actually throw cool throws” and that “he had too much homework”. This season Russ is back in action for the Emen and looking better than ever, after a hard offseason training like Dylan Freechild by bleaching his hair. Look out world cause this kid can ball.