Tommy Gartman

year: sophomore

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Past teams: paideia school

 Born and raised in the great state of Georgia, Tommy Gartman led a relatively normal life. It wasn’t until age ten when Tommy found his green hat of champions that Frat-Tommy was born. Tommy put on the hat and turned it backwards just like Ash Ketchum does before he kicks Gary Oak’s ass. The moment the cap locked into place Tommy began to change. His hair became flowful; his wrist became supple (the perfect suppleness for pong); he tried to utter a word or two (“Coca-Cola” was the first to come to mind) but only a deep, drawn out “brooo” was emitted from his mouth. He tried again, “duuudee”. With that, he knew his transformation was complete.

After traveling throughout all of Georgia, from the south part of Atlanta to the North part of Atlanta, winning at party games wherever he went, Frat-Tommy was spotted by a talent scout from Tufts University and was granted the opportunity to play Flong on a full scholarship. However, the Tufts' Flong team turned out to just be the Tufts Ultimate team. So here he is. With his southern roots always inside him, Tommy is here to rise up and shoot the hooch all the way to the top.