Seth Drew

NICKNAME: sunshine

year: junior

Hometown: washington, dc

Past teams: tufts bmen


With wild hair and even wilder throws, Sunshine was born in the jungles of West Africa, swinging from vine to vine and living his life amongst the gorillas. His story was popularized by Disney’s Tarzan, even lending his voice to some of the movie’s songs. But he eventually ended up on the Medford-Somerville border during a press tour for the film and decided it was time to transition into human society at Tufts University. 

Although life at Tufts had been swell, young Sunny missed his gorilla family and decided to join the Emen to fill that void in his heart. As he is rarely seen with a shirt, and only consumes beverages in increments of 40 ounces, the team knew that he would fit right in. Possessing a wingspan that could be described as twice to three times as wide as his six-foot frame, a top speed of lightning, and a vertical leap of small skyscraper, Sunny is ready to terrorize land and air with his Emen brethren.