Matt Fasano


year: junior

Hometown: Guilford, ct

Past teams: JAIL, Night's Watch, Choate Rosemary Hall


Matt was born prematurely by five weeks, in an Ecuadorian military hospital. The doctors didn't think baby Matt would make it, but his mom stayed by his incubator every day at the hospital, never leaving his side. Somehow, Matt pulled through and his mom vowed to give her son the best life that she possibly could, which started with feeding the premature Matt as much food as possible. Matt quickly began to put on the pounds, earning him the village nickname, “Pudge.”

In eighth grade, Pudge, now weighing 650 pounds, hit rock bottom after his sixth hearth attack. It was then that Ms. Pudge searched for the best personal trainers to help her beloved miracle child become healthy, and found them at Choate Rosemary Hall School in Wallingford, Connecticut. Pudge and his mom were bound for America.

Even though Choate was strictly a boarding school, Ms. Pudge snuck in every night to check in with Matt, and sing him traditional Ecuadorian lullabies. One night, Ms. Pudge was sneaking through the bedroom window, she was struck with a stray Frisbee from a late-night game of gorf. Pudge vowed revenge. The next morning, he stormed on to the field during Ultimate practice and began hurling Frisbees at everyone present. Incredibly, all of his throws were perfect flicks and backhands. The high school coach was amazed at Pudge’s talent and offered him a spot on the Ultimate team.

Pudge lost over 400 pounds and became a star player in high school (although for some reason his enormous head stayed the same size). Today, Pudge continues to shine at Tufts. If the air is quiet on a Friday night on campus, you can even hear the faint notes of Ecuadorian lullabies, as Ms. Pudge continues to visit her son on weekends.