Jinhyun Shin

year: sophomore

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Past teams: South Eugene Axemen, Eugene Darkstar

Jin visited Tufts by mistake while thinking he was signing up for rec league basketball. Dressed in neon shorts and a pink fuzzy ski jacket, his presence was felt instantly on the court. Luckily, on that day, a friendly game of Fittfu was being played, where Jin fell in love with the game and gave up his hopes and dreams of rec league basketball stardom. The transition to full-field real ultimate was a slow and painful one. His family moved to Oregon, where Fittfu never caught on, but luckily he was able to snag a spot on the famous South Eugene ultimate team. From there it’s history, and through Jin’s hard work and commitment, his destiny was fulfilled to leading his Fittfu team and the Emen to victory. 

While known for always wearing turtlenecks and only drinking extra dry gin at tournaments, Jinhyun danced and slanged his way onto the Emen. By stalling in Korean, incorporating dance moves into every jazzy dump cuts, and breaking fools with a silky backhand taught to him by the great douglas fir treepeople of the Pacific northwest, Jin has been a stud on the Emen and the team’s most talented person in things that aren’t frisbee-related.