Jesse Mahler


year: sophomore

Hometown: lexington, ma

Past teams: lexington high school

Jesse showed up at Tufts with only his ice cream scoop and Pacific Rim figurines to keep him company. However, one day, while Jesse was engrossed with polishing his puka shell necklace, he walked across Fletcher and right into an Emen practice. Jesse decided to join the team on the spot because he had actually been a handler in high school and he figured that working on world peace could wait a day. He was quickly informed that he was athletic and therefore to never handle again, but he proved himself on the frisbee field regardless.

Jesse gained the nickname Jizzy one way or another. He tried many things to shake this awful nickname, but nothing worked. He was so fed up that he finally smashed his knee on a rock one winter break out of frustration. Since then he has been known as Rocky. 

Nowadays, Rocky can be found browsing campus cutie, tossing wheels, or studying for his Arts and Crafts degree. He dances his way through entire warmups and cuts with a swiftness like that of his beloved mecha-robots. He’s a pretty sick ultimate player and loves to get better. Legend has it that he’s still trying to get the Gu out of his beloved puka shell necklace to this day.