Nikhil Bhatia-Lin


YEAR: Sophomore

HOMETOWN: Berkeley, Ca

PAST TEAMS: Berkeley High Coup, Bay Area YCC

Nikhil Bhatia-Lin was born into the world with a full-fledged man-bun giving him unprecedented deekerness. The south side stoners of Berkeley, California quickly accepted him into their flock, teaching him their ways and native tongue. This is evidenced by his wardrobe of primarily Chubbies clothing and use of the “dank” Berkeley dialect. Phrases like “Tryna cat?”, “I fiend to chief hella” and “This is damn near p juug” are often heard. Following the path of his hairy and coherent ancestors, he came to love throwing balls into cups after being introduced to it at age 9.

His love for boolin’ and deekin’ thrusted him into the world of slinging biscuits. He grew to love the “under-recognized” but also less good ultimate scene known as the “Bay Area Disc Association”. Due to the lack of high quality ultimate he decided to move to a more superior ultimate scene in Boston with the goal of one-day winning Westerns. Upon his arrival to Tufts, Nikhil quickly grew to admire the biscuit slinging, dabbing e-men and impressed them enough with his blades and hucks to make the team. He was excited by the balls and cups he found at Oliver’s house, and has set his goals on one-day beating Tyler and Rafi. In his free time Nikhil works on his “world class” fakes, swears he is going to start working on that comp11 project due in a few hours and sleeps until 4pm.