John Westwig

Nickname: John "Flickster" Westwig

year: Junior

Hometown: Ithaca, Ny

Past teams: BMen, Cmen

John Westwig arrived on the scene of the first fall EMen practice as a young freshman who could only hope that his high school chess prowess would translate to the ultimate field. He was immediately saddened by the lack of rooks and bishops, but refused to be deterred from the sport. Fortunately, Johnny had a leg up on everyone at the field that day, for no one else owned hammer-loop pants.

John could not be nervous whilst donning his beloved hammer-loopers, a masterful combination of utility and aesthetic. They had not failed him that one time at the Topkins County Junior Chess Championships when he attempted the Albin Countergambit. Nor had they the time he asked sweet Jessie to the senior prom. Why should he doubt them now? Besides, John had a few more tricks up his sleeve.

Unlike most of the confused n00bs, John had been fine-tuning his throws. Desperate to impress the upperclassmen, he perfected his air-bounce backhand and flick huck, quickly earning him the elaborate nickname “Flixster” and a spot on the highly limited roster of the CMen. Angered by his relegation to the lowest team, Flixster regressed to his hammer-loop pants days. With confidence restored, he gradually flattened his backhand and rose the ranks. By his junior year, he had been noticed by the A-team.

Today, you’ll likely find John alone in his room injecting caffeine directly into his bloodstream and hacking the attendance tracker for his comp classes so he doesn’t need to go. Rumor has it he’s finally hung up his lucky pants for three-quarter length compression tights but still doesn’t know if he’s a handler or a cutter.