Henry Caron

Nickname: Hank 'The Tank' Caron

year: Freshman

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Past teams: East Chapel Hill

Henry “Angsty Hank” Caron was born to a loving Family in the Royal British Empire. In middle school the other boys bullied Hank into asking for more gruel at the end of a meal but Mr. Bumble, the parish beadle, was so angry that he shouted “MORE! YOU  WANT MORE!!” and hit him with the serving spoon. Hank was bitter and all angsty like so he ran away from home and was taken under the wing of Charlie Fagin. Fagin ran a rough and tumble team of disc-throwing hooligans across the Pond in North Carolina and sent Hank away to learn necessary life skills like pick-pocketing and tossing. In the Americas, Young boi Hank found disc, diversity and love. With age, Hank’s angst only grew. One day a teacher kept the class 5 minutes late, and so Hank tore a clock off the wall and threw it like a disc into the projector. At 17 while at a Flatball tourney, Hangsty witnessed the throwing of a Wham-O, and became so enraged that he took the plastic junk, stared into the owners eyes and bit a mouth-sized chunk from it.

Still British at heart, Hangsty decided to attend Tuftus Universitus in an effort to reunite with his long lost Swindle-master, Charlie Fagin. Fagin, now a Junior at Tuftus was quick to shape the young Hank into a practical resident at 40. Despite this social assistance, Hangsty still got off on the wrong foot,

literally. Hangsty’s sprained ankle swelled not with blood, but with his own angst. It was a raging ball of fire and fury but with time it slowly healed. As it shrunk, Hangsty emerged from his wound a new man. Free as an E-Men, and fast as the pink Duracell Bunny. He now only rarely descends into hangsty muttering and is looking forward to getting swole with the boys. #aintnothinbutapeant