hakeem adeyemi


Nickname: the dream

YEAR: Sophomore

HOMETOWN: bronx, ny

PAST TEAMS: fieldston ultimatoes

They say New York is the Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of. Well they are right because that is where Hakeem “The Dream” Adeyemi was made. And there is really nothing he can’t do including skying dudes a foot taller than him or just generally reaching discs some deem impossible to reach.

Hakeem, or as the ladies call him “Keemy so Dreamy,” began his Ultimate career playing at Fieldston High School in the Bronx. A typical day consisted of getting multiple girls’ numbers, inviting them to watch him practice, and continuing to purposely layout in mud piles so that he had an excuse to take his shirt off and show off his washboard abs to his female friends. In fact, Hakeem was such a player with the ladies that the school had to expand their bleachers just to fit the huge crowds that came to watch him practice. What’s even more surprising though is the humbleness Hakeem was able to show throughout all the palooza. He gave the people what they wanted, but still played the game incredibly.

As Hakeem arrived on the streets of Tufts he felt brand new and was inspired by the lights of the old fashioned street lamps to take his talents to Fletcher Field where he could show off his insane athletic abilities and amazing abs. Once he arrived he felt right at home as the concrete like appearance of the field reminded him of the concrete jungle he hails from. But something was wrong. There was a rule of no laying out on fletcher. It was too dangerous. In fact it could kill you. How would Hakeem ever be able to perform his legendary-layout-in-mud-take-shirt-off routine? After a few days of worrying Hakeem realized that Fletcher was surrounded by frat houses filled with dudes who couldn’t care less about ultimate, nevermind other dudes with abs. And so Hakeem has dedicated his focus to continuing his craft of jumping to catch ridiculous throws and advancing to become a great Ultimate player along with having great abs like the E-men who came before him (Tyler Chan).