Eric chen

NICKNAME: tony mozzarella

year: Junior

Hometown: brooklyn, ny

Past teams: stuyvesant hs, ny ycc

Born in the peaceful country town of New York, New York, Eric Anthony Chen lived a fairly mild mannered existence throughout his early childhood.  This all changed on his 7th birthday, when he was bitten by a radioactive cheese stick, transforming him into famed mob boss, restaurateur, and New York Basketball legend Tony Mozzarella.

Together with his first love, Ayla Mao, by the time he was 14 he had built a fine dining and organised crime empire the likes of which the city had never seen. Slinging meatballs by day, bullets in the evening, and basketballs at night, yung Tony Mozz made a name for himself among the townsfolk.

Everything was going smoothly until the death of his beloved Ayla in 2015.  The loss so shocked his poor cheesy soul that he traded in his wooden spoon for a keyboard and became the first ever New Yorker to make the transition from mob boss to memelord. He packed up his tigerbalm and favourite vest-sweatshirt combinations and moved up north to the bustling metropolis of Somerville, Massachusetts in search of a new life. He joined the E-Men the following year, recruited for his extremely frostable tips, and has become a true cornerstone of the team, slanging as many biscuits as Yeah Boiiiiiis and getting more sick layout Ds than really seems fair to his opponents.


But sometimes he still gets restless, still feels the pure, animal urge to dunk on fools on the court instead of in an end zone, to relive his days of terror on the streets, cooking spaghetti and conking squealers. So if you wake up in the middle of the night and hear the cry "dis go hard as hell flocka," you better run. Because he's coming for you.

And he's coming fast.

Goodnight everyone,

Sweet Memes