David Leibert


Nickname: Not-A-Doucher Dave

YEAR: Junior

HOMETOWN: Ossining, NY


Born in the Mystical Land of Upstate-ish New York, pretty much Canada and having made the long journey from to Tufts, he has decided to grace the Tufts E-men with his presence. His obsidian eyes are in the shape of Oakley Sunglasses. His long lustrous hair flows from the back of a white and Blue Tufts hat, and one can only assume he was born with this hat on his head, a sign from God that he was destined for E-Men greatness.

His fiery untamed demeanor on field stems from his ability to only drink from a handle fireball at all times. It is said that he has fireball flowing through his veins. He is a lava filled competitor, and does all he can on the field, scuttling around defenders with small strides and then jutting up-line, leaving his defender in the dust. He strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents, or laughter, as seen by his B-Men haircut. Before his debut in Athens, GA for the E-Men, he showed his prowess on the field as a member of the B-Men. His righty backhand is powerful, chopping through trees and cracking discs alike. His lefty baseball swing has trained him to harness this power for decades. He can curve his flick in and out like a supermodel, with absurd accuracy. Completing his devastating repertoire is a LEFTY HAMMER. A mother******g lefty hammer. Try marking a man with a lefty hammer and a righty everything else. As Bred-line discovered, it is indeed impossible.

I have chills writing this, and my excitement can hardly be contained to see David Leibert take on the world of A-Team Frisbee. His athletic skills will surprise you for a man of his stature, but his fiery temper and dry humor can combine to light the defense on fire in his presence. Watch out for this man in the spring.