Conner Walsh

Nickname: Big Unit

year: Freshman

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Past teams: Ingraham rams, Seattle YCC

Conner “pshhh” Walsh got his famous name, by being silent yet deadly. Not only did he limit his words count to two(yes and no) throughout the first semester of his college ultimate career, he was deadly on the field, only rivaled by the legendary fun captain and the team memer himself. Despite his silent yet deadly reputation, Conner was actually a theater star back in Seattle. Not only did he charm the ladies with his devilish smile and windswept hair, but also with a voice comparable to the Sirens in Greek mythology. It was only until college where he decided to shave his head and speak no more did he restrain his charm. Known throughout first semester as “Lil’ Bryce”, Conner always knew he was destined for athletic greatness. Destined to surpass his brother, Conner played his trump card. This trump card was like spinach for Popeye and the sun for Superman. Whenever he plays his trump card, he easily rips apart any o-line and pummels any d-line. Thinking about it further, I’d say it’s more like water for fish. He literally can not survive minutes without it. Cocaine is the name of Conner’s game. When he’s not pretending he's a sober fool in pickup or lifting heavy things in the gym, this Seattle DiscNW player can be seen working on data structures in his secret spot in Tisch, getting free food from the Chinese Student Association events, or elegantly competing in ballroom dance competitions. Conner can often be seen at Tufts Ultimate functions slapping cups left and right, shooting air-balls in flong, and singing his heart out with his magnificent voice.