Charlie caron

NICKNAME: coy "Big Chuck" Charlie

year: Junior

Hometown: Chapel hill, nc

Past teams: boxcar, east chapel hill hs

Charlie got his start as a 6-foot- tall string bean in upper-lower- North-Carolina. He spent his days balling out in a driveway and, despite his tiny arms, throwing some fire trick shots with his mates. He didn't grow like a regular boy-string-bean, but instead because he was already so tall he simply grew sideways. He slowly grew outward in diameter from 1cm to the 2cm he is today. 

Upon entering high school he found a love for ultimate. Like many people blessed with extra lifts in their bones he simply stood in the end zone and had biscuits slang in his general direction. Somehow he developed other frisbee skills and has become more than just a weirdly tall blade of grass in the endzone.

Sometime while hiking in the foothills of North Carolina Charlie encountered a warlock who, perhaps by accident because he does blend into the surroundings, transformed him into a squid. His extra 4 limbs and ability to swim through air have made him a valuable addition to the EMEN TEAM.