The Emen stopped by the Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference yesterday to recruit younger players and engage with the community. We had a great time talking with everyone who stopped by our booth and appreciate the hard work of the organizers to put together such a cool event. A noteworthy point about the conference is that 4 of the speakers giving seminars are Tufts Emen alums. Jeff Brown, class of 1990 and long time coach, spoke about using different defensive and offensive looks. John Korber, a frontrunner in the professional ultimate community spoke lectured about preparing individuals and teams for success. Team founder Jim Pistrang introduced his subbing technique and discussed middle school team success. Lastly, current co-captain Gene Buonaccorsi gave insights from his experience as a youth coach in the BUDA Summer Learning League.


Emen 2012

Fall semester is coming to an end, which means that the hard work is beginning for the 2012 Emen. Winter is always a grind in New England, but it just makes it all the more sweet when we finally get outside. Follow all of our activity here and at Tuftsemen.org. It's gonna be one hell of a ride.

Emen 2012
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