Arthur Abbate

year: Junior

Hometown: Lexington, Ma

Past teams: Fooligans, Somerville Bag, Bmen, Cmen

Arthur Abbate was born in 1769 in a logging camp just outside the town of Lexington. Massachusetts. As a child he earned renown for his already impressive beard, as well as his ability to cut through thick foot pines with one stroke.These humble beginnings as an axe swinging lumberjack gave him impressive swings and cuts, but he was destined for greater things. At age 6 the young ‘Bat backhanded a ceramic plate in the “Huck heard ‘round the world” to stun a British soldier in the Battle of Lexington.

To avoid the colonial paparazzi, B-Bate Boi attended Lexington Clown College. Here he used his backhands to huck whipped cream pies with deadly precision. Fortuitously, Jumbo also studied at Lexington and proved to be an expert receiver for Abbate’s airborne desserts. They two remained inseparable at Barnum’s, and performed many daring japes. When Jumbo was donated to Tufts, Arthur went too and fell in with the local Somerville Youth. When this notorious gang became an Ultimate team, he brought his legendary hucks and lumberjack cuts.

After doubleheader rampages at B-Break and Regional Arthur moved his talents to the E-Men where he can still be reached for both beard and Ultimate advice.