addison hanson


year: Senior

Hometown: radnor, pa

Past teams: bmen, radnor hs

Addison (drano) Hanson arrived to Radnor high school with a plan in mind. He knew to add some adventure to his life, he would join the Radnor Rowdy Raiders. Through out his young years, he went on many quests, from finding former Callahan winner’s dads at games, to catching pieces of plastic whizzing around the arena, to throwing himself at the ground. The quest masters at Tufts noticed his disc wizarding potential, and accepted him into the school of the disc. Playing with notable wizards like Morgan Gellert, he learned how to hex his opponents into looking like fools on the field. Now, as a seasoned ultra star, he likes to count, specifically to 3, enjoys listening to country music, and working at bike shops. Addy is a force to be reckoned with.