Walton Lee



Hometown: Hong Kong

Past teams: Bmen, jail, CHANG SHA ULTIMATE

Here's a rap 'bout a guy named Pond/
Off the boat from old Hong Kong/
Came to Tufts at just sixteen/
Filled his common app with memes

Founda magic disc once on the quad/
One touch and he's a frisbee god!/
Can shotgun beers while breaking marks/
Lefty backhands make scrubs shart

Spends his days click-clacking sticks/
Crouch-cancelling is a stupid mechanic/
What the fuck Nintendo this isn't balanced/
Can't even approach with any move this is dumb

Coming this season to a field near you/
No defensive strat will do/
Can't stop this man he ain't no lake/
The pond hype train has no brakes