Dylan Gully



year: SUPER Senior

Hometown: andover, ma

Past teams: lions, The Phillips Andover Academy of Excellence and Intelligence School at Andover Blue Steel

Dylan Gully arrived on campus a wide-eyed freshman, newly graduated from the Phillips Andover Academy for Boys Who Want To Learn How to Be Rad and Stuff. After hearing through the grapevine of a new "social meet-up app" that allowed you to "break the ice" with the opposite gender, he signed up for Tinder on the spot. Username DGULLZ913foLYFE hit the airwaves with Jason Derulo-like force, throwing the ladies of Tufts into a wild frenzy. However, it wasn't until the day that he connected with TangALang19 that his fate truly changed. Once the initial introductions were made, TangALang invited DGULLZ to a "cool meetup with some chill dudes" on a Saturday morning. DGULLZ913foLYFE -- the Tinder counterpart to our dear protagonist -- arrived to Field A to find the E-Men cavorting and caroling with glee. Immediately reminded of his days of having a casual toss on the quadrangle before his first period polo lesson at "The 'Cademy", he hopped into the game. The rest is history.